Class Information

How can I contact you?

For class inquiries, call 587-473-6400 or email

To be notified when our next classes will be released, please sign up for our newsletter and You will then receive an email before classes are released, with the full class schedule, class descriptions, and prices.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of hands-on classes on baking topics including Macarons, High end Cakes, Pâte à Choux, Seasonal/Holiday Desserts, We also offer a few demonstration/ All About French Pastries.

Children classes?

We offer classes that are specifically geared towards children. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per child), and we generally recommend a minimum age of 10 years old for even our simplest classes. Adults attending with their children must also register in the class. 

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed your time with us! Thank you for taking this course.

For a complete list of the courses we are offering, please call 780.6048063 for more information.

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  • Decadent Chocolates Truffles
  • Macarons Making Fundamentals
  • Advanced Baking & Cakes Decorating
  • Petites Fours and Miniature Pastries
  • Celebration Cakes & Decoration

Hi everyone
Our next Macaron Baking classes date will be
?Tuesday January 7th, 2020
?Tuesday January 14 th ,2020
?Tuesday January 21st ,2020
?Tuesday January 28 th ,2020
from 3 PM – 6 PM.
At our Edmonton Downtown location
Cost is $120 per person and includes all materials and equipments

This course describes the essential equipment you need, the important steps to follow, the techniques to master, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.